UK based Southern Rock Band

New 100% originals 5 Track EP ...Shinola available now!

The UKs most authentic, popular and experienced Southern Rock band....playing everything and anything southern and rocking.  Currently the band are promoting their debut EP '...Shinola' featuring 100% self-penned and highly acclaimed new material......these days the band are increasingly stepping out with their rocking originals festival/headline/support set ......Hell Yeah!

...."sounds like "real" southern rock and a lot of British southern rock does not...I grew up listening to it, I can't define it, but I sure as hell know it when I hear it".....Kay Ford - TC3 Drinking Club

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    Sons of Liberty UK @ Firehouse

    Firehouse, Southampton

    Sons of Liberty with The Outlaw Orchestra and is sure to be a Southern Rock, Bourbon fueled night so get there early...!! Hell Yeah...

    Sons of Liberty and The Outlaw Orchestra

    The Firehouse, Southampton

    Sons of Liberty are the UK's hottest Southern Rock band and The Outlaw Orchestra are the wildest Southern Country Rock Bluegrass outfit you'll ever see... tipped by Planet Rock as ones to watch this year after taking Winter's End by storm... this is going to be one wild night... Hell Yeah!