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after witnessing them first hand I have to say they totally nailed it and were truly authentic. A genuinely enjoyable and thoroughly lovable band. I will certainly be going back for more next time they pass by” - Matt Phelps

— Decibel Shower Magazine

Those of you that attended Planet RockStock this year, who was your favourite act of the weekend and why? I'd have to say Sons of Liberty. Never heard them before, and my god they left one damn epic mark on the place!! It was extremely difficult for any band to follow from them! In my opinion, they deserved a higher spot” - Adam Phillips

— NWOCR Facebook page

This all adds up to an album that sounds more authentic than some genuine southern rock bands” - Darren Lliffe

— Loud Enough Magazine

it’s got everything you’d ever want: big riffs, great lead work, groovy rhythms and proper tales of life being led. What’s not to like? The South is definitely rising again with this 8/10” - Smudge

— Power Play Rock and Metal Magazine

‘Animism’, and a masterclass in Suvvern Rawk excellence it is too! This debut is a truly fiery beast, being both ferociously heavy yet memorably melodic, and it is absolutely drenched in the purest essence of Southern Rock - #3 Album of the Year 2019” - Chris O'Connor

— Fireworks Magazine issue #89

The first of the bands to really make me (and the whole auditorium to be honest) sit up and take notice, they tore into ”It’s my Bad” and bought the Deep South to the South West” - Rob Wilkins

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