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... we can do Southern Rock in this country - none better than Sons of Liberty!” - Smudge

— MMH Radio

They just oozed charisma, their sheer presence on the stage was captivating and the music was instantly enjoyable” - Mick Birchall

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Rocking stages since 2014 Sons of Liberty are the UK's own Hard Southern Rock Band!....a group of well travelled musicians from Bristol and South Wales.  The boys were drawn together by a shared love of the incredible music of the Southern States of America....and their desire to share this with the people of the UK.  An energetic band who deliver an authentic and fresh show based on professional musical ability

After 3 years of building a solid reputation as an all southern rock covers band.... In 2017 they stepped things up and set out to write and record some original material …. The result was the highly acclaimed debut ...Shinola EP.... 5 tracks of homeground hard hitting southern rock'n'roll.  Tracks are still featured regularly on Rock Radio stations such as Hard Rock Hell Radio.... there was plenty more in the tank too!  The follow up Aged in Oak released to great acclaim in September 2018, stepping things up a notch and featuring the single 'Damned If You Do'....voted #4 Ep of The Year by New Wave Of Classic Rock!

2019 saw the band writing and recording their stunning debut LP Animism - which was released through Roulette Records on October 25th on CD and in July 2020 on Vinyl - 11 tracks of pure Awesomism including 'Up Shit Creek', 'Rich Man Poor Man. Beggar Man Thief', 'Snake Hips Slim' and the epic showstopper 'Into The Great Unkown'

The Band is gigging regularly at shows and festivals across the UK and is building a solid reputation.   They are on many peoples 'ones to watch' lists and have been booked for some great festivals and shows such as Giants of Rock, Planet Rockstock, Rock and Blues Custom Show, Rockin The Bowl, RockForce, SOS, Cambridge Rock Festival, WinterStorm, Crazy Cowboy, Cornwall Rocks, Breaking Bands and Hard Rock Hell CROWS


Please note: The band Name to be used in all advertising is Sons of Liberty 

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