Our Story

Rocking stages since 2014 Sons of Liberty are a band of seasoned musicians from Bristol and South Wales.  We were drawn together by our shared love of the incredible music of the Southern States of America....and our desire to share this with the people of the UK.  An energetic band who deliver an authentic show based on professional musical ability.

The idea for the band started on a road trip to go and buy a used guitar...... Andy and Fred were listening to southern rock music in the van.  'Why the hell is nobody playing this stuff....we gotta put a band together and do this"....the rest is history!  The guitar duo knew who they needed as a front man...former Mick Underwood's Glory Road vocalist Rob Cooksley.  The Rhythm section of Drummer Steve Byrne and Bassist Mark Thomas were the next obvious choices. As soon as we told them what we were doing we got a resounding Hell Yeah!  The result is a band of people who love the music, know how to play and know how to put on a rocking show.  We always get asked back!

2018 see's the band releasing and promoting their highly acclaimed debut EP '...Shinola' - 100% home grown and 100% Southern!.  Tracks are featured regularly on Rock Radio stations such as Hard Rock Hell Radio (UK), Rock Rage Radio and  and Flying V Radio in the USA.

The band are heading to the studio to record the follow up to ...Shinola for an anticipated release in the fall 2018.

The Band is gigging regularly across the UK and is building a solid reputation.  We have shared a stage with Skinny Molly (featuring ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot members) and Stone Broken, southern rock legend Jay Johnson has opened up for us.  In 2018 will see us hitting the road for some nationwide shows with Planet Rock's Winter's End favourites The Outlaw Orchestra and with North Yorkshire's acclaimed Southern Rockers Straightshooter!   We are also getting booked for some great festivals and exciting shows including Loverocks 2018 and Giants of Rock 2019.  Follow us on facebook for regular updates and other nonsense and feel free to contact us if you need some sweet southern rock at your venue or event.  

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