The UK's Southern Rock Band

Welcome to Sons of Liberty's website...home to the popular and hard working original  Southern Rock band from the UK.  SoL are one of the busiest and best known live bands on the thriving UK classic rock club and festival circuit.

On this website you can find out more about the Sons and their music, have a glimpse into their live performances on video, check out some of the recordings, keep up to date with coming shows, find tickets and shop for music and merchandise... please have a look around and stay a while....the band hope to catch you out there at a show very soon....Hell Yeah!

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The Sons raise money for the Music Venues Trust #saveourvenues  

Sons of Liberty are donating the first (and very last) of our special edition  signed coloured ANIMISM vinyl albums, #1 of 100; to help raise funds for the Music Venue Trust to help them in their campaign in support of grass roots music venues, who as we know are at increasing and sustained risk from the inability to operate profitably and the lack of focussed and timely support from central government.  all who donate (whatever sum) will be entered into a random draw to win the signed and numbered #1 ...and the winner will also receive a custom made and numbered frame courtesy of our good friends at - all proceeds will go to the Music Venue Trust #Save Our Venues campaign - Music Venue Trust Sons of Liberty   campaign will end on Saturday 31st October when and the random draw will take place straight after.  The winner will be notified by the band

Sons of Liberty in France in 2021 

The Sons are delighted to announce that we will be performing at Bully On Rocks Festival 2021 in Bully-Les-Mines on Saturday October 23rd - Fils de la Liberté mon amis! - see our events listings for details

Black is the new Orange! 

Huge thanks if you scored one of the limited edition Vinyls pre-orders of Animism.... these sold out before the official release date of 10th August. If you were one of the unlucky ones to miss out, why not purchase the black vinyl? Available in store Friday 7th August, only £17 plus VAT and postage. 
Same heavy vinyl 180gsm, same gatefold sleeve, same exceptional tracks… just not orange vinyl… but then Black IS the new Orange! ♠️♥️♣️♦️

stirrings from the shadows 

It's clearly been a long and strange time for us all... but there are signs of the first creative types crawling slowly from the shadows, blinking into the daylight!  We have still kept busy ... re-scheduling shows and working on a few surprises.... next year looks busy as anything already... none of us know how things will turn out for the venues and events, with the distancing rules and we may yet get some new restrictions if things start to slide.   However... we've come a long way together and we're certain that will at some point soon be able to meet up and talk about all this as being 'in the past' - until then stay safe and keep on supporting the incredible venues and brave promoters who are working so hard to keep the  original rock music scene alive - The Sons  

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